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Our online catalogue has arrived                   March 12, 2014

Vibrant Pharma is based in Brantford, ON and has specialized in custom synthesis as well as research and development since 2006. Our goals are to provide excellent customer service through the efficient delivery of high quality products at an affordable cost. Our main product lines focus on the synthesis of carbohydrate based building blocks and rare amino acids, although we also offer a wide range of products such as active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs), API impurities, reference standards, stable isotopes, and chiral ligands etc. Vibrant Pharma is proud to launch its new website and online searchable catalogue to provide the customers with updated information regarding our services and more flexibility for ordering in-stock catalogue compounds directly at competitive prices. 


The structural diversity and high chiral density of carbohydrates makes them a family of compounds that can offer a wide variety of applications in synthetic organic chemistry.  Carbohydrates are also prime chiral pool candidates from a raw materials stand point due to their affordability and renewability. However, there are several obstacles for using carbohydrates as chiral scaffolds, cores, and/or templates. Due to very subtle differences in reactivity of the various hydroxyl groups, very often elaborate series of protection and deprotection chemistry are required to achieve the desired core and/or template. Moreover, due to the sensitivity of the functional groups and their protecting groups there are limited reactions and/or reagents that can be used to control the migration of functional groups and ring expansion or contraction due to rearrangement. Therefore, working with carbohydrates not only poses several challenges but also requires a high level of expertise. The Vibrant Pharma team has developed core technologies and expertise to provide the customers with a variety of carbohydrate based chiral scaffolds, cores, templates, reagents, chiral ligands, substrates, organoligands, and chiral auxiliaries.  

Along with a wide range of chemicals available in our catalogue Vibrant Pharma offers FTE or project and/or product based custom synthesis services. We also offer cost effective route development and optimization in process chemistry ranging from milligram to multi-kilogram scale. If you are interested in inquiring about a custom project or have any inquiries related to our catalogue compounds, please do not hesitate to contact us.(click here)

APIs and Pharmaceutical reference standards     March 12, 2014

Our pharmaceutical reference standard collection consists of drug substances, related impurities, and the corresponding stable isotopes. As a supplier of pharmaceutical reference standards for over 8 years, we are continually updating our APIs and pharmaceutical reference standards to keep up with the demand from our customers. All reference standards are supplied with a certificate of analysis with detailed analytical methods and supporting documents certifying the identification and purity of the compound. All reference compounds listed in our catalogue are available from stock and the flowing list consists of few representative examples. If you need any additional information or custom synthesis, please feel free to contact us.(click here)

D-Galactose Derivatives     March 12, 2014

Vibrant Pharma has extended its range of carbohydrate building blocks by recently introducing D-Galactose and D-Galactal derivatives. Glycals, with the most well-known example being D-Glucal, have been explored extensively in the literature, while in comparison little is known regarding D-Galactal. In general D-Galactal is more expensive relative to D-Glucal and the non-commercial availability of D-galactal derivatives has limited its applications. Vibrant Pharma is pleased to offer its customers with a range of D-Galactal and D-Galactose derivatives in multi-gram scale at competitive prices. All D-Galactal derivatives listed in our catalogue are available from stock and the flowing list consists of a few representative examples. For the complete list of D-Galactal derivatives please visit our online catalogue. Most of these compounds can be produced in bulk (multi-kilogram scale) with short notice at competitive prices. If you need any additional information, have a custom synthesis project related to D-Galactal, or are interested in any D-Galactal or D-Galactose related compounds not currently in our catalogue please feel free to contact us at CONTACT US.