Vibrant Pharma New Products


Carbohydrate building blocks

Vibrant Pharma has extended its range of carbohydrate building blocks by recently introducing D-Glucal, D-Galactal, 2,3-Isopropylidene-(R)-glyceraldehyde, D-Ribose, D-Galactose and their corresponding derivatives. Vibrant Pharma is pleased to offer its customers a wide range of carbohydrate based building blocks available in multi-gram scale at competitive prices. All carbohydrate building blocks listed in our catalogue are available from stock and the flowing list consists of a few representative examples. For the complete list of our carbohydrate based building blocks please visit our online catalogue. Vibrant Pharma’s core technologies and expertise provide our customers with a convenient and affordable way to buy rare carbohydrate based chiral scaffolds, cores, templates, reagents, chiral ligands, substrates, organoligands, and chiral auxiliaries. Most of these compounds can be produced in bulk (multi-kilogram scale) with short notice at competitive prices.

If you need any additional information, have a custom synthesis project related to carbohydrates, or have an interest in a carbohydrate compound not currently listed in our catalogue please feel free to contact us.(click here)