Medicinal Chemistry

Striding Towards a Healthier Future

Efficient, Green and Eco-Friendly Advanced Chemical Synthesis

Our medicinal chemists contribute a vital role in the drug discovery process through compound selection and synthesis to establish structure–activity relationship studies. Decades of experience in the industry gives us the advantage to understand the basic principles of medicinal chemistry such as absorbability, distribution in vivo, rate of metabolism and rate of excretion (ADME), and ‘rule-of-five’ to predict drug-likeness (PK & PD).

Our highly skilled team of scientists are part of interdisciplinary teams and therefore understand not only the field of organic chemistry but also a range of other disciplines to predict the possibility of problems and interpret developments to help to facilitate the project moving forward with high agility.

  • SAR-based library design and synthesis
  • Lead generation and optimization
  • Focus on drug-like compounds (PK & PD)
  • Initial multi-gram scale synthesis for animal testing
  • Intermediates, building blocks, reference compounds, and metabolites
  • Single point project management including external service providers