Our Team

Advanced chemical synthesis with decades of experience from a devoted team

Passion, experience, and scientific innovation effective interdisciplinary collaboration

We take pride in our team which has a long-standing, strong foundation with wide-ranging proficiency in the field of synthetic organic chemistry. Our highly knowledgeable synthetic chemistry team has decades of experience in the field and is immensely skilled in designing pathways for complex molecules from milli-gram to large-scale production utilizing efficient processes with a fundamental focus on green and eco-friendly chemical synthesis.

At Vibrant Pharma Inc., our team pays great attention to detail with regard to scalable and safe processes, whether it is a single compound or SAR-based library synthesis. Our experienced team of scientists keeps abreast with constant scientific innovation along with the opportunity and ability to work in a collaborative work environment. This organic flow of thoughts allows each of them to communicate their ideas freely in their interdisciplinary fields enabling them to be highly efficient in their planning and management of projects.

The valuable expertise acquired while synthesizing thousands of compounds over the years, allows our team to provide the customers with the most cost-effective, non-infringing processes to accelerate the wide array of projects to boost business performance.

  • Skilled Ph.D. scientists with industry-proven records.
  • Fundamental focus on green and eco-friendly chemical synthesis.
  • High-quality solutions carried out with confidentiality.
  • Affordable quotes.
  • Cost-effective, non-infringing processes that accelerate your chemistry projects.
  • Outstanding location close to Greater Toronto Area.
  • Frequent and comprehensive communication with clients.
  • Single point contact system throughout the project.
  • Regular updates, realistic time frames with reliable track record.
  • Exceptional in client support and satisfaction.