At Vibrant Pharma, Quality Meets Competitive Pricing

Vibrant Pharma, a chemistry CRO, offers an extensive variety of fully managed cost-effective synthetic chemistry solutions tailored to pharmaceutical industry clients in all stages of the drug discovery and development process including library design, synthesis, and process development into large scale production. Our range of solutions includes providing customized reports and related documentation for filing patent applications, publications, and regulatory filings including investigational new drug applications (IND), new drug applications (NDA), and drug master files (DMF).

Vibrant Pharma is able to provide quality synthetic chemistry services at competitive prices with its R&D facilities in Canada and kilo-scale to large production facilities in India through partner services. Our centralized management system allows our clients to manage their projects throughout their life cycle with single-point contact.

Vibrant Pharma offers various contractual relationships with either compound or project-based fixed FTE services or various flexible cost-effective solutions, such as flex-FTE based on the total estimated time of the project, time and materials, and joint ventures to minimize the project cost.