Production, Management, and Documentation

At Vibrant Pharma Inc., we have the excellent ability to provide quality synthetic chemistry services at competitive prices. Equipped with the state of art R&D facilities based in Canada, we also have large-scale production facilities in India through partner services.

Vibrant Pharma provides the full spectrum of chemistry services, including the drug discovery and development process from a small batch scale up to large-scale production. Our centralized management system allows our clients to manage their projects throughout their life cycle with single-point contact.

Vibrant Pharma is also dedicated to providing customized reports and related documentation for filing patent applications, publications, and regulatory filings including investigational new drug applications (IND), new drug applications (NDA), and drug master files (DMF). Our team of specialists will meticulously work with you from start to end, providing custom solutions, frequent and detailed communication, progress updates as well as support to catalyze your project to success while also offering flexibility.

  • Chemistry services from milli-gram to large-scale production
  • Non-GMP to cGMP manufacturing
  • Single point contact system though out the project
  • Experimental procedures, flow charts, and regulatory filings

Fine Chemicals and Custom Synthesis

Fine chemicals and/or specialty catalogue compounds are critical raw materials used in the pharmaceutical manufacturing process. They effectively promote the R&D process of new and generic drugs, and some key intermediates may also become critical factors restricting process development. Having the advantage of years of comprehensive experience while synthesizing thousands of compounds, we provide customers with the highest standards of quality, affordable and non-infringing processes to augment their chemistry projects.

Vibrant Pharma Inc. is also committed to providing superior quality, hard-to-find rare building blocks (carbohydrates, amino acids, and fine chemicals), enzyme substrates, active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs), API impurity and reference standards, stable isotopes and chiral ligands in milli-gram to large scale production. Our team of professionals will work with you closely to provide accurate solutions for your customized needs while keeping timeliness and quality as the highest priority.

  • Synthetic route development and process optimization
  • Milli-gram to large-scale production
  • Determination of freedom to operate (FTO)
  • Scalability and safety evaluation
  • Thousands of in-stock compounds

Process Chemistry

Our process development group is composed of passionate, highly skilled, and ingenious Ph. D. chemists having significant experience in synthetic process development of drug candidates, intermediates, and fine chemicals. The group uses state-of-the-art chemistry methodologies and creative design of synthetic routes to develop processes suitable for kilo- to large-scale manufacturing. In compliance with the regulations and guiding principles, our CMC service can provide clients with integrated pharmaceutical services, including the development of API production as well as regulatory filings.

  • Route selection, process optimization, and safety evaluation
  • Route selection, process optimization, and safety evaluation
  • Scale-up synthesis for 14/28 days tox studies
  • Kilo- to large-scale production (non-GMP and cGMP)
  • Synthesis of process impurities and reference standards
  • Salt selection and solubility studies

Medicinal Chemistry

Our medicinal chemists contribute a vital role in the drug discovery process through compound selection and synthesis to establish structure–activity relationship studies. Decades of experience in the industry gives us the advantage to understand the basic principles of medicinal chemistry such as absorbability, distribution in vivo, rate of metabolism and rate of excretion (ADME), and ‘rule-of-five’ to predict drug-likeness (PK & PD).

Our highly skilled team of scientists are part of interdisciplinary teams and therefore understand not only the field of organic chemistry but also a range of other disciplines to predict the possibility of problems and interpret developments to help to facilitate the project moving forward with high agility.

  • SAR-based library design and synthesis
  • Lead generation and optimization
  • Focus on drug-like compounds (PK & PD)
  • Initial multi-gram scale synthesis for animal testing
  • Intermediates, building blocks, reference compounds, and metabolites
  • Single point project management including external service providers.